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Do you have any idea where to begin when it comes to studying abroad? Studying abroad can actually transform your life, so do it if you have the opportunity. But first and foremost, a study abroad application necessitates extensive planning.

When should you go overseas to study? Is it something you can afford? Which country should you apply to, and how do you go about doing so?

You can have a lot of questions. EduCred provides all of the answers, as well as solutions. The following are the steps to reach your goal of studying abroad.

Student Profile evaluation

Profile Evaluation

Assessment of your profile is a critical stage that will help you choose the proper University and prepare effectively. 

EduCred conducts expert evaluations of your profile and assists you in making the best decisions. Our online profile evaluation is constructive for students interested in pursuing higher studies abroad.

Admission Process

We understand the foreign admissions procedure, so all you have to do is pick an institution, and we’ll take care of the rest. EduCred has connections with universities worldwide and is committed to providing you best study abroad admission guidance. You just need to prepare for your studies while we help you in your admission process. 

We also employ resources to help you with GRE / GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL preparation and score cant percent marks on this examination. Lastly, a Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Essay, and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is something that can make a student stand out from the crowd for which we guide our best to get the job done.

University Shortlisting

EduCred assists Indian students in comparing numerous Universities and Colleges overseas and selecting their best fit.
When a student is in a dilemma about which foreign universities to apply to or has received many acceptance letters and is confused about university selection, We rank universities based on factors such as Scholarships and Education Loan assistance, career advancement Opportunities, and Cost of living. And we help them decide which one is their best fit.

Kindly get in touch with one of our mentors by filling out our Study Abroad Guidance Form.

Education Loans

We recognize that Studying Overseas requires a significant financial investment. We have collaborated with a number of banks and financial institutions and have a niche in patching up the student with banks and financial institutions offering student loans for overseas so that students get the best deals, lowest interest rate, and customized repayment tenure.

Our USP is getting educational loan for abroad studies approved without collateral security, guarantor, fixed deposits, or any other immovable property like a house.

Depending on your requirements, we hand hold you throughout your loan application procedure. EduCred provides loans that are simple to obtain and will assist you in studying abroad at a low cost.

Kindly get in touch with one of our mentors by filling out our Study Abroad Educational Loan Guidance Form.

Study Abroad Loans EduCred

Visa Counselling

The second most crucial aspect for Indian students willing to study abroad is visa counseling. Even admission to a top university will be useless if you do not have a valid student visa.

All countries have a unique visa application process, which must be followed to the letter. Our team of experts offers you global opportunities to study abroad or overseas education visa consultants
makes sure that all application forms and papers are filled out correctly as per what visa officers of respective countries expect and make you ready for the Visa Interview and that all essential documents are delivered correctly.

Kindly get in touch with one of our mentors by filling out our Study Abroad Guidance Form.

Student Housing Abroad

Student accommodation while studying abroad is another field where we have expertise. EduCred looks after all factors and will find the most comfortable housing or accommodation options for students.

HomeLodgers is our subsidiary. As an international student, we safeguard you from all possible scams, and our study abroad student housing service with tons of student accommodation free of cost. We ensure that the housing options are close to the University. So that they can concentrate solely on their schoolwork, we give all the alternatives like individual stay, shared rooms, and guidance for campus accommodation to optimum use of your time and money.

Feel Free to access our Student rental accommodation and get customized service by reaching out to our mentor by filling Student Accommodation Free Assistance Form

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