Why EduCred?

EduCred is a portal that provides guidance to students who want to study abroad. A source for all international education needs, where we connect students with the best of our mentors who can effectively guide them through the process. EduCred not only helps students, but also provides unique chances for students, mentors, consultants, universities, and recruitment partners from around the globe. We at EduCred strive to provide our students and clients with value-added services.

What services do we offer?

In collaboration with the best of our mentors, EduCred provides services like Profile Evaluation, Admission Process, University Shortlisting, Education Loans, Visa Counselling and Student Housing.

What can EduCred Loans be used for?

Tuition fees, books, food plans, housing, and health insurance are just a few of the educationrelated expenditures that might be covered with a loan.

Can EduCred help me with housing?

Students who are studying abroad must find a place to reside. EduCred looks after all factors and
will find the most comfortable housing for students. We, along with our partner HomeLodgers, ensure that the housing is close to the
University and in good working order. So that they can concentrate solely on their schoolwork.

Can I obtain loan without collateral or security?

Yes, definitely. Loan without collateral/security can be obtained in the form of unsecured loan up to 50 lakhs or even more depending upon credit worthiness of candidate and co-applicants.

How much loan can I get ?

We can help you secure loan up to INR 1.5 Crores.

For which foreign countries you help secure loans ?

We serve candidates going to US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Europe or any country of your choice.

From which bank will EduCred help me recieve a loan ?

All major public sector banks in India, government banks, Private banks, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Company), financial institutions and even international banks and lenders. Thus, we will help you obtain a loan from any of them at most economical rates.

Do I need to keep on visiting banks when processing application with EduCred?

No, you are not required to keep on visiting banks but for submission of various documents including collateral, marksheets, score card, admission letter etc.

Is EduCred providing financial funding on their own?

No, we are not a bank or any financial institution who lends on its own. We help students to get in touch with right bank/NBFC/financial institution to secure loan with most affordable funding options.

Why EduCred is offering services to students free of cost?

We charge certain fees to our lending partners for processing loan application as per the agreement between both the parties. Hence, we do not require to charge students for extending our services.

How EduCred helps in securing student accommodation abroad?

We have partnered with HomeLodgers, a reputed and trusted property consultant, who help you in securing accommodation abroad. So, we help you get the right kind of housing through our business

Do you think taking a loan as a student is a good idea?

There can be many reasons why someone might think taking a loan as a student is a good idea. For some students, taking out a loan can help them cover the cost of tuition or other education-related costs. Loan repayment options may also be more flexible than traditional student loans, making it easier to manage financial obligations while attending college. In addition, certain types of loans may offer lower interest rates than standard borrowing options.


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